Change ManagementSupporting people as the business changes

Paul Sullivan Consulting delivers sustainable change that keeps you on course for success

Any business owner or partner who is managing organisational change will tell you what a profoundly difficult task it can be.

No matter the scale of the business, the process of change can feel a lot like turning an ocean liner; painfully slow, with a great deal of effort involved, and no small amount of anxiety for everyone onboard.

Paul Sullivan Consulting can help you fathom out your most complex business challenges, smoothing the transition from your existing business model to your new one, cutting through complexities, planning and implementing new processes and technologies, and sustaining productivity throughout.

Change Management ServicesChange Management Strategy

My pragmatic approach to your change planning project within your organisation is carefully structured and meticulously mapped out. We listen, we present our findings, consult with your stakeholder(s) and then layout the roadmap.

Myself and or my consultants spend time with your teams, so we can learn as much as we can as quickly as we can from all your directors, managers and staff. Then we develop a bespoke plan that will transform your business.

Partnering with the right person is key to the success of your change management process – and your businesses future prosperity.

Supported Change Through Technology

Most businesses owners opt for what sounds familiar and plausible when opting to implement new technology solutions for business change.

My technology-led change management options range from Client Relationship Management software right through to marketing and sales automation platforms.

Optimisation of internal process in today’s world is typically supported by technology in one way or another and as a marketing and sales automation specialist, I have broad experience in this space.

Change through Education

Change management is not only a process, or technology-based solution.

With change comes the need for new skills and the requirement of education. Training will play a key part in the development and maintenance of the business and that gives you and your staff the opportunity to grow new and skills and understanding.

People are absolutely central to the success of any business. And in complex and rapidly changing environments, it’s essential that all stakeholders are capable, competent and engaged.


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