Business AnalysisIdentifying the detail behind business challenges and finding solutions

Understand your business to expand your business

Paul Sullivan Consulting’s business analysis specialises in identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your business, developing and supporting plans for success, and the implementation of change.

“My industry-leading approach delivers accurate, data-driven analysis of your organisation. I work with all your management teams and staff to understand and document how they do their day-to-day jobs, allowing me to provide neutral independent roadmaps on how to implement change.”

Business Analysis ConsultingIdentifying Pain in the Business

Pain points are stress points or blockages in the business that impede growth or production.

You may have identified yours already; you may already consider them insignificant on an individual basis, but in many businesses, a combination of things often adds up to trouble. At Paul Sullivan Consulting, my business analysis reviews the way your company works from top to bottom. I shall interview all your staff* to learn about the challenges they face now and are likely to face in the future. It’s often a hugely untapped resource.

My solutions can be disruptive, requiring major changes to your existing processes. But whatever comes recommend – be it a technology solution or a change in procedure – I know that each problem provides an opportunity and I shall work with you to find and action yours, developing solutions collaboratively based on your suggestions and our knowledge.

How Good is Your Data?

If your data storage and use is not structured and primed for analysis on a  routine basis, then the consequences can directly affect profits and the bottom line. My options can remove those problems by delivering initiatives that directly affect your business, increasing opportunity for new growth and development.

Good quality sales and marketing data should be like gold-dust to your organisation. It should smooth the daily operation of your business, improve your margins and raise customer satisfaction. Optimising data quality is critical to your long-term success in business.

Ensure continued growth and stability

When you restructure, reinvent or revitalise your business, it’s hugely important to review all of your existing business processes, so you can be clear about where your business is now and where you want to take it.

My business analysis process will conduct a review of your existing internal structures, working with you to understand the technology you are currently using, the teams involved, the way in which your business is structured and how it operates now.

This is documented, matched against the current objectives and expectations and then broken down and analysed to find the positives and negatives. Once we establish where the failures have occurred, I can redesign those processes and implement stronger more robust actions designed to spur growth, enable long-term change in your organisation.

Implementing change through technology

A good business analyst must be proficient in choosing the right technology should it be required to implement change.

I work with the key stakeholders and executives to formulate the business vision for your project, identifying the requirements, communicating them to your organisation and translating them into something the development team can work with.

With considerable experience of managing business change projects, I make sure your new technology assets are properly implemented. I will also provide relevant training and support your users on the new processes and other changes.

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