Maximise your Customer ROIHelping you deliver an excellent customer experience

A focus on customer experience isn’t just about service, it’s THE sure fire way to optimise your business as your internal operations can make the difference between delighted and dissatisfied customers. Small changes often have big rewards.  By taking an end-to-end view of your systems and processes, Paul Sullivan Consulting will help you identify where improvements can be made and help you iteratively improve.

To really deliver customer orientated ROI, we have developed our own Brand Intimacy process which is designed to first find out what your brand means to its customers then redefine the brand messaging to reinforce that messaging to increase sales and profits.

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In-depth Digital TransformationTransform Your Marketing & Sales Processes and Align Goals


Inbound marketing is generally agreed to be the go-to choice for online lead generation.

Fully adopting the use of website conversion optimisation, content marketing, social media and email marketing supported by on-going lead nurturing to achieve the best effective data-driven solution for digital growth. My process for optimising your business through digital transformation will set you on the road to success.

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Internal Process ReconsutructionRebuild Your business to Grow in a Digital Environment


Internal processes are often the lesser seen issue for poor business growth restricting routes to optimise your business. Often bad processes are carried forward through growth periods and nobody stops to question them. This results in in-effective internal structures that don’t allow a business to operate in an agile way, stunting growth opportunities from a business and employee perspective.

I focus on transforming a business to accelerate profits and leads from online activity and changing internal processes to support that activity often aligning marketing and sales to profitable outcomes.

Restructuring is often best delivered by an independent specialist to ensure maximum objectivity, contact me now for immediate results