Go for Growth

No matter what business you’re in there are always ways to increase turnover, profit and revenue. Whether it’s selling more to your existing customer base, growing your market share or launching a new product, our range of services will help you grow your business in the most efficient way.

In today’s world, there is no need to work on hypothetical options, drawn-out trial and error options at your expense, it’s about focusing on the business, extracting the right data and using that to increase productivity, sales and profits.

The answers are often already there, we just need the right people to extract it, absorb it and then advise the best way to implement the required changes.

My Growth Hacking OptionsUsing Data-Driven Methods to Accelerate Business Growth


StartupTaking Businesses from Concept to Market

Startups have the highest percentage of failures in the business world. Most people aren’t realistic about what their investment should be or what tactics to employ to accelerate opportunity.

Paul Sullivan Consulting offers a data-driven approach to business growth, often referred to as Growth Hacking as a strategy to drive startups forward fast.

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GrowthGrowing Established Businesses Digitally

Businesses that manage to get through the first 12 – 18 months then need to take a serious view on how they can now transform from a startup into a fully fledged established vehicle.

I can put processes in place that will ensure that your business can take hold and flourish in a digital world. These processes will drive traffic, improve sales opportunities, restructure organisations if needed and I will work with you to get your business where it needs to be for the next phase.

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ScaleGrowth through a Scaling Process

Scaling a business is hard work. Strategic hires, bigger employment costs, infrastructure, training, technology it all starts to add up.

Paul Sullivan Consulting gives you a transparent breakdown of where your business is, identifies immediate needs for strengthening and improvement and works across multiple departments or business areas to find quick wins and accelerate the scaling process.

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