My Expertise

To validate my expertise, I’m an eight-year veteran of publishing, digital marketing and web design. I’ve won awards, helped my clients win awards and still own my inbound marketing agency. I’m a keynote speaker on Digital Business, Buyer Personas and Remarketing.

Over the years it became apparent that my knowledge gained as an entrepreneur plus my inbound marketing expertise led me to be extremely proficient at coaching business development as well as “hacking” growth. My intent focus on developing businesses from the customer backwards which led me to develop a brand intimacy initiative as well as a mantra for throwing the traditional marketing playbook out of the window.

I also teach Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship at Barking & Dagenham College as well as running a number of business development programmes and online courses.

How I Work

The first thing I do is produce an analysis of your business in its current state. I assess internal structure, personnel, expenditure, technology, sales performance and your online reach, activity and success. Once I have completed my breakdown I then perform an in-depth competitor analysis.

At this point, we reconvene and we define the picture and look at potential roads of progression. By optimising the processes and systems that support teams across your organisation, you can make significant reductions in your Lead to Cash cycle time, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction levels.

You can also reduce natural waste, redeploy employees, increase online acquisition and streamline lead generation and nurturing processes.

We achieve this by understanding your current process and look to reduce waste in both time and physical resource. You’ll be able to capture the right information through the right channel and make it available to the right people at the right time. This makes it easier for people to do their jobs, improves the customer experience and ultimately impacts on your bottom line.

Finally, we get into brand intimacy, allowing us to focus on your customers and gaining the insights and knowledge from them that will enable us to hack your growth to success.

Pricing & Process

Optimise your sales processes to be the best they can be with Paul Sullivan Consulting. For a free, no-obligation consultation, tell me a few details about yourself and i’ll be in touch.